It’s Release Day!

Wow, it is such a great feeling to know that the book is out, released, and in readers’s hands. It’s scary too, but scary in a good way.


You can order e-books though Amazon, Kobo, and Nook!

Print books are available as well, and you can order those at Amazon and The Seattle Book Company.

Also, please be advised that this is a small print run. Please get your orders in early if you want a paper book!

Here we go! Ordering info for WarDance

Yea!  Links to buy WarDance!  And explanations!
Amazon – yup, it’s there and it’s all good!
Kobo – yup, it’s there, and it’s all good!
Nook, the book will be available for pre-order on the April 11, 2017 release date.
Print books:
This link will be live on April 11, 2017.
This is a sale direct from the printer, and you can find the link here.
If you want a print book, wait for Amazon.  SBC told me that their shipping costs are higher than Amazon!

WarDance Cover

Wardance-eCover-900pxI am so pleased to reveal the cover of my next book. WarDance will be released in April, 2017. Many thanks to Craig White and Shawn King for their work. Isn’t it lovely?


And who is that woman?  I will post about that in February, but it’s in the newsletter for January!


How did you come up with the name Xylara?

She was one of my characters when I was playing Dungeons and Dragons at the University of Toledo back in the *cough* never mind what year *cough*. As proof, and for those that are gamers, here is her character sheet. Please note that this character was a magic-user, not a healer.

You should know that while I love playing role-playing games, I am not the best player. In fact, most of my groups cringe when I say I want to play a spell-caster. This is because I have trouble with what is known as area-of-effect spells. Like, for example, fireball. I have trouble gauging the size of the area. And have a tendency to ground blast fireball spells.

I have killed more friends than monsters with those spells.

At any rate, I came up with the name of my character ‘Xylara’ and loved the name. So when I needed a name for the female healer in my book, I chose that one. But once I realized that she was a Daughter of the Blood, it was easier to call her Lara, and have Xy be the family name, and the name of the kingdom.

Worked out rather well, don’t ya think?

Character Sheet

An Announcement!

I am happy to announce that the next book in the Chronicles of the Warlands will be released in April, 2017!

The title is Wardance – and this is Simus’s book!

I will share more information as the publication date gets closer.  My newsletters will have advance updates, and peeks at the cover art and sample chapters.  Not to mention contests and give-aways.  Feel free to sign up!  Otherwise, check back here – I will post updates once a month.